Review of 15 Best Motorcycle Helmets: Choose what’s Perfect For You



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Despite what you might hear or think, the benefits of wearing a safety helmet far outweigh the benefits of not wearing one. Though many states have laws that require drivers and their passengers to wear the helmets, others simply require that you wear some type of protective gear on your head or face, which can be something as simple as sunglasses or a scarf.

If you think that glasses offer all the protection that you need, think again. During a motorcycle accident, there is a chance that you might fall off your bike and smack your head against the pavement.

The bike may even drag you along for a few feet or longer. Wearing a motorcycle helmet is the perfect way to protect your head and to ensure that you can walk away from that accident. The perfect and best helmet is one that won’t interfere with your movements and one that will help you see the road clearly without the sun getting in your eyes.

One of the top all-around models that is suitable for all types of drivers is the ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult (Check Price on, which comes in sizes up to a three extra-large for those with wider or larger heads.

Its polycarbonate shell weighs less than the plastics and materials used in other models, but it is resistant to impacts. Scorpion performed a number of tests to ensure that the protection wouldn’t shatter or break due to an impact. This helmet also has a tinted visor on the front that blocks out the sun.


The Superb Model for Your Safe Ride


ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult


ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult  (Check Price on


Whether you’re a die-hard rider who hits the streets with your bike a few times a week, or you’re a weekend warrior who only climbs on when you have a day or two off week, you still need the right helmet for protection. Wearing a simple scarf or bandanna around your head, or covering your eyes with a pair of sunglasses is like boating without a life jacket.

The ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult (Check Price on is easily the right one for motorcycle drivers because it weighs so little that you might not even remember that you strapped it on while out for a ride. Its half-size-style covers just the top of your face and head, but it keeps the bottom of your face exposed to make it easier for you to chat with others, and it comes with a separate piece that you can attach for protecting your jaw and mouth.

This motorcycle helmet has a tinted visor that keeps the sun out of your eyes and retracts back inside for pairing the tool with sunglasses, and you’ll also get a clear visor that helps you see clearly when riding at night. Scorpion created a polycarbonate shell that is lightweight but withstands all types of impacts.



The Excellent and Top Rated Models on the Market



1. ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult (Check Price on


ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult


The ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult features a lightweight shell made from a polycarbonate material that Scorpion designed and tested for withstanding high impacts like those caused by your body skidding across the highway after an accident.

While the shell might show some scratches after a motorcycle accident, it will keep your skull safe and prevent your head from bouncing around inside the helmet, which can cause brain injuries. It comes with a front mask that attaches to the helmet via magnets, but those magnets let you detach the mask from the tool to keep your mouth and face clear.

An attached visor features a deep and dark tinting that blocks out the hazardous rays of the sun to help you see more clearly, but you’ll find that you can easily remove this visor and replace it with the included clear mask visor for using it during night rides.

A separate dark smoke visor also comes with the helmet, which has an adjustable strap inside that tightens and loosens in seconds for creating a comfort fit. Available in sizes ranging from extra-small to three times extra-large, it comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. It also has an approval from the Department of Transportation for use on the road.




2. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip Up (Check Price on


 ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip Up


Even if you obey the posted speed limit, you may find that it’s almost impossible to have a conversation on your phone via a Bluetooth device or to listen to music because of the wind that rushes by your head, but the ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip Up comes with a feature designed to let you have and enjoy all the conversations and music that you want to enjoy.

This model uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology that lets you connect your favorite device to stream music, talk to loved ones or do other things while on your bike. This feature will last for up to 110 hours in standby mode or up to eight full hours in talk mode, and it will work with both smartphones and navigational systems.

The helmet comes with a lithium ion battery that controls its Bluetooth feature and a standard adapter for charging that battery. One-touch buttons let you accept or reject calls, adjust the volume, override your GPS or music to take a call and dial numbers, but it also helps you create an intercom system to link two riders on different bikes. Adjustable vents inside the tool increase or decrease the wind that you feel, and it has a removable and washable liner inside.




3. FreedConn Flip Up Dual Visors (Check Price on


FreedConn Flip Up Dual Visors


With the Bluetooth connectivity located inside this FreedConn Flip Up Dual Visors, you can create an intercom system that connects between two and three riders who are up to 500 meters apart, which helps you stay in touch on long trips.

Bluetooth 3.0 technology is universal in design and will work with most devices, including phones, GPS units, speakers and music players to help you make and receive phone calls and listen to music inside your device without taking your eyes off the road. The remote that controls this feature has two buttons for adjusting the volume, a jog wheel that helps you access different features, an LED indicator light that comes on when the unit has power and a multi-function button.

Designed from a combination of materials, this tool has an ABS polycarbonate shell that reduces pressure on your head and decreases the risk that you might experience a stiff neck during or after a longer ride.

Both the liner and the cheek pads inside, which keep your cheeks from rubbing against the harder shell, absorb odors produced by sweat and other things and are completely removable for cleaning. It also has a built-in ventilation system that makes the helemt wind-resistant while keeping the air circulating inside the helmet.





4. Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako (Check Price on


Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako


Wearing this Torc T14B Bluetooth Integrated Mako while on your motorcycle might make you feel patriotic, but unlike other products that use flag decals with bright colors of red, white and blue, this has a darker design that uses shades of black and silver that will match back to the chaps and other leathers that you wear while riding.

The shell of the helemt has built-in shelves for speakers and allows you to control those speakers via a Bluetooth device like the smartphone that you always have with you. This shell has an oval profile that more closely matches the shape of some faces and features a dual-density EPS construction that absorbs shocks when you hit your head on the pavement.

Certified to meet the standards of both the Department of Transportation and the Economic Commission for Europe, this model has a drop down visor that you can lift and lower with one bare or gloved hand, and this visor has a locking mechanism that will keep it from flying up when it encounters wind.

A soft liner inside keeps the shell off your face and comes out easily, and this liner is safe for cleaning in your washer. The lower profile of the tool makes it suitable for use with a neck brace to protect your neck while riding.





5. HJC Mens CL-Max 2 (Check Price on


HJC Mens CL-Max 2


The HJC Mens CL-Max 2 comes in multiple colors and finishes that you can choose from to select a model that matches your motorbike or your riding gear, and while it comes in different sizes, you will want to check out the measurements of each one to ensure that the tool will fit your head without rubbing against the top of your head or your neck.

Certified by the Department of Transportation for use on the open road, this helmet also meets the standards and regulations of other brand products and transportation organizations for daily wear. As a modular shell, it uses an injection-molded polycarbonate material for the shell, which offers great protection during all types of motorcycle accidents.

Its chin bar, which wraps around your chin, works with the face shield to keep bugs from flying into your face, and the quick release design of this bar allows you to pull off both the shield and bar with just one touch. Built-in recessed cavities hold most common types of Bluetooth speakers, and it has a connectivity feature that lets you hook up those speakers to a music player or another device without using any wires. The removable liner is easy to clean, and the helmet has a ventilation system that keeps air moving inside.





6. LS2 Strobe Solid  (Check Price on


LS2 Strobe Solid


The LS2 Strobe Solid Modular is one of the excellent models for those who ride with a passenger because it has a wind-resistant design that actually cuts back on the amount of wind that sweeps over your body and hits the rider on the back of your bike.

This is a modular tool that you can wear in two different ways, and the top part of the tool, which covers more of your face, has a flip design that you can flip up to leave the bottom of your face uncovered and a design that lets you completely remove this piece from the product.

Ventilation ports on the helmet allow more air to get inside the device to keep you cooler on hot days, but you can also close off those vents to lock in heat on cooler days.

As with some of the other models that you’ll find, the Strobe features a removable liner that makes the inside of this model feel softer and fit more comfortably, and since this liner absorbs sweat and odors, you’ll want to remove it regularly for cleaning. A quick release strap helps you adjust how tightly the helmet fits, and its quick release design has approval from the Department of Transportation.





7. HJC CL-17  (Check Price on


HJC CL-17 Full Face


HJS used CAD technology when designing the CL-17 because the company wanted a helmet that would match the exact design of the human head, including the curves along the nape of the neck and the design of the jawline. The manufacturer then selected an advanced polycarbonate composite material to make the shell more lightweight than its competitors and to ensure that it can handle all the different types of accidents that can occur while on a bike.

It comes with a clear face shield that blocks out bugs and helps you see clear in the daylight, and this face shield has an anti-scratch coating that reduces the risks of scratches marring the surface. Capable of blocking up to 95% of the natural UV rays produced by the sun, the shield on this model has a lock mechanism that creates a more durable seal and keeps the shield from opening as the wind presses against it.

It features a shield replacement system that has a tool-less design, which helps you install a replacement shield from HJC or another manufacturer onto the product. It also comes with cheek pads and a liner made from an antibacterial fabric that pulls sweat and moisture off your face while also absorbing any bad odors.





8. Voss 525 Dual Lens Cruiser  (Check Price on


Voss 525 Dual Lens Cruiser


The Voss 525 comes with two separate lenses that you can use together to block out more wind and sunlight, but you can also lift the top lens, which completely comes off the modular tool when needed, off your face to chat with others and to get a better view of your surroundings.

Made from a thermoplastic ABS blend of materials, this model has a lightweight shell that takes pressure off your neck and head while also reducing the risk that you might suffer a head trauma in an accident. This model comes in a two-tone matte apocalypse design that features images of skulls and other apocalyptic imagery in a softer gray shade against a matte black background.

The VIVS Voss Internal Visor System features a shade that drops down from the top to protect your eyes from UV rays, insects and other hazards, and you can remove or replace this shade in minutes with a few basic tools.

A built-in retention system allows you to change the fit of the tool via the internal strap, which will keep the helmet from slipping as you move. It also features an antibacterial sport liner inside that is breathable and wicks away moisture to increase your comfort.





9. HJC CL-17 Streamline  (Check Price on


HJC CL-17 Streamline


Though the HJC CL-17 Streamline  has the same name as another of the HJC model ranked among the excellent on the market, the Streamline has a more streamlined design that reduces pressure and limits the open spaces between your face and the device to keep your head from knocking against the helmet, which can cause brain injuries.

Available in sizes from extra-small through 3XL, the manufacturer recommends that you double check the measurements before ordering. It features a lightweight polycarbonate shell designed by CAD technology to create a better fit and to increase your overall comfort.

This new 3D model features an anti-scratch visor that acts like a face shield to keep bugs from striking your face, which can lead to you taking your eyes off the road, but this visor also blocks out 95% of the sun’s rays to protect against sunburns and skin damage.

It features a two-stage closure system that lets you raise and lower the visor to the height that you want and a locking system that you can lock with just one hand. A patented channeling ventilation system allows more air to move through the vents in the device and then forces that air into dedicated channels that keep the air flowing around your head.





10. Vega VTS1 Open Face  (Check Price on


Vega VTS1 Open Face


When you’re in a motorcycle accident and need to get your helmet off quickly to assess the damage to your bike and your own injuries, you might appreciate a model like this Vega VTS1 Open Face because its quick release tool lets you take the tool off faster without fighting with straps or fidgeting with buttons and snaps.

This helmet has a simple and somewhat classic design that looks like it was worn in the 1950s and earlier as well as the product worn by scooter riders, but it provides much more protection than you might expect with one glance. It has an anti-scratch face visor made from a clear material that won’t break when it hits concrete or asphalt, and this visor adjusts in six different ways to help you achieve the fit that you want.

A liner system inside features a removable liner that is resistant to microbes and bacteria, and this system features dedicated spots that can accommodate speakers you connect via Bluetooth to your phone. Though you can remove this liner and wash it before putting it back inside, you can also easily replace that liner with one that is thicker or softer.

In addition to this model, Vega includes a sun shield, basic shield and visor that you can use together or separately based on the temperature or amount of sunlight.





11. Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult (Check Price on


Bell Qualifier Unisex Adult


Constructed from a combination of ABS and polycarbonate materials, the shell of this Unisex Adult is strong enough to withstand any impacts that you have after falling from your bike, but this shell is so lightweight that it won’t impede your movements or keep you from seeing clearly while behind the wheel.

Though it comes with a darker shield that works well at stopping the blinding rays of the sun during the day, it also features a tool-less design that lets you remove the shield and add a lighter shield of your own for wearing it at night.

This shield protects your eyes from UV rays and is resistant to both scratches and fogs to ensure that you see well when riding in the fog and that scratches don’t get in your way.

A padded area around the base of the helmet acts like a wind collar to reduce the amount of wind that gets inside, but vents along the sides and the top of the tool improve the circulation of air already inside to keep you from overheating. This model also comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and a chin strap with padding and a D-ring. Inside it is a washable liner that comes out easily, cheek pads and built-in speaker compartments.





12. LS2 Stream Solid  (Check Price on


LS2 Stream Solid


The LS2 Stream Solid has an aerodynamic design that features graceful curves along the top of the helmet as well as the sides that allow the air and wind to move directly over your head and face without slowing you down and without forcing that air pressure onto the person behind you.

Its built-in twin shield system uses two different shields that you can use at the same time or one at a time, and while one acts like sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes, the other increases your wind resistance and keeps the wind off your face.

The built-in chin strap has approval from the Department of Transportation because you can easily unsnap this strap and get the tool off after an accident.

While other models have a more rounded design that can make you feel boxed in, the Stream Solid from LS2 has an oval shape that increases the amount of space inside it keeps you from feeling confined. The fabric liner inside wicks away the moisture that pools up on your skin and has a design that absorbs odors and bacteria, but you can remove this liner and wash it to remove all those odors.





13. Crazy Al’s World’s Smallest Helmet (Check Price on


Crazy Al's World's Smallest


Crazy Al’s World’s Smallest Helmet, also called the WSB Inc. Biker Helmet, might have an odd name, but this model offers lots of protection for those who hit the streets on a rider as well as those who ride bicycles.

It has a classic design that is highly similar to traditional helmets like those worn by Marlon Brando and James Dean, and its design takes quite a bit of pressure off your upper body to help you feel as comfortable as possible on even the longest of trips. It has an ultra low profile and is one of the smallest helmets to gain approval from the Department of Transportation.

Its ultra low profile consists of a fiberglass shell that sits directly on top of your head, and it has curved sides that keep the fiberglass from rubbing against your ears or neck. A strap system uses pieces of fabric that won’t fray or wear down when exposed to high-speed winds, and this system has metal buckles that you can adjust to keep the helmet from moving or sliding off your head.

The manufacturer guarantees that this model will reduce the problem riders call mushroom head, which occurs when the weight of the tool forces your hair down and makes your head look like a mushroom.





14. LS2 Kurt Military Bobber  (Check Price on


LS2 Kurt Military Bobber


Almost every owner pictures a famous face when climbing on a bike, and if you picture Peter Fonda from his “Easy Rider” days when you hop on, you might feel like the legend himself when you wear the LS2 Kurt Military Bobber. This model takes the classic idea of a stars and stripes design and twists it on its head in the same way the film did to incorporate a design with bold stripes and stars in a military green shade that stand out against the matte black finish of the product.

LS2 also added a vintage effect to the helmet that adds some wear and tear to the design that looks natural and makes this model look like one that went through a battle. Made from fiberglass, it has a protective shelf on the outside that can withstand harsh impacts and thick padding inside that protects your ears, face and head from injuries.

As a ¾ open face tool, the Bobber leaves the front of your face completely exposed, but it has snaps on the top and sides that you can use for adding a face visor. The helmet also has an adjustable chin strap that meets the Department of Transportation standards.





15. Duke DK-120  (Check Price on


Duke DK-120


The DK-120 has a design that walks the line between the models that you might see in anime productions and those you might see on professional racers, which includes a raised and slightly pointed end at the back of your head that reduces the wind that hits your passengers and an aerodynamic shape that makes the helmet more wind-resistant.

Designed to meet the standards for highway and roadway use created by the Department of Transportation, this model uses a combination of poly-alloy materials in the shell that are resistant to high impacts. It also has a face shield that optimizes your vision, and the curved design of the shield further increases the tool’s wind resistance.

Seven vents on the back, chin and forehead of the product increase the circulation of airflow inside the tool to help you feel cooler on hot days, but you can also close those vents to trap heat inside the helmet. The manufacturer opted for a nylon material when making the cheek pads and liners because this nylon is hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria. The DK-120 comes in standard sizes that range between a small size and a 2XL.





The Perfect Choice For You


ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult

ScorpionExo Covert Unisex-Adult  (Check Price on